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Potatoe Penis?

Okay, so I was reading my favorite magazine (cosmopolitan) and this one page caught my eye. It was all about pregnancy and STD prevention, talking about different types of condoms are, how different types of birth control work, and answering questions about the subject. Of course I read the whole page, including the part that had a picture of a banana, a pickle, and a potatoe (?). Well they were talking about what types of condoms to get your guy depending on his penis. Of course the banana was the larger than normal 6 or 7 inch penis, the Pickle was the average 4-5 inch erect penis, but the potato? They said “If you guy is short and stubby, resembling a potato. . .” yeah.. no offense, but I would be a little bit freaked out if a guy were to take off his clothes and have his erect penis looking like the shape of a potato, maybe it is just me, but idk. I am thankful my guy is a banana guy. Sorry to any guys who have a potato down there, but not all girls are turned off by this, I assure you.


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